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How Cookies Work: Cookies are tiny files downloaded to your device that assist in enhancing site navigation, personalizing your experience, and gathering analytical data to improve site functionalities. We may use both our own cookies and those set by third parties to collect comprehensive data about site interactions and tool usage. Users have the option to manage or disable cookies through their browser settings. Note that restricting cookies may impact the functionality of our services.

How Cookies Contribute to Our Site's Functionality

We only use cookies set by the website owner, which are called “first party cookies.” Of those cookies, we only use “essential cookies,” or cookies that are strictly necessary to provide you with the System. Most of the cookies that we deploy are “session” cookies, which are temporary cookies that expire once you close your browser or your session ends. We also drop “persistent” cookies in limited circumstances, which are cookies that remain on your hard drive until you erase them or your browser does, depending on the cookie’s expiration date. As detailed below, we use information from cookies for purposes such as (i) identifying returning users and registrants and (ii) enabling you to move more easily around our System.
How to Manage Cookies via Browser Settings
You can change your cookie settings at any time by following the instructions at the bottom of the page in the “Manage your cookies” section.
Inquiries on Cookie Usage If you have questions or need further clarification on how we use cookies, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance.